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Design Services

We use the best available design methods balanced with practical experience to bring MEMS design concepts into production.

Modeling tools are used to simulate design performance before the expense of fabrication. Experimental characterization test beds are created to assess device performance during prototyping, with in-situ test structures used for monitoring process repeatability and measuring material properties. Yield & reliability specifications are determined based on tolerances and materials concerns of the chosen process. And foundry relationships are established to transition from prototype to volume manufacturing.

Our recent projects have included:

  • Finite-element modeling (FEM) for solid mechanics, fluids, and heat transfer, and boundary-element modeling (BEM) for fast capacitance extraction. 
  • Thin-film materials characterization and reliability; implementation of test structures for in-situ measurement of biaxial stress and Young's modulus in plated metal films. 
  • Electromechanical analysis of micromirrors, accelerometers, pressure sensors, optical displays, and other micromechanical structures. 
  • Package modeling of thermal stresses & fracture due to fatigue. 
  • Failure analysis of single-crystal silicon sensors.
Our design tools include CoventorWare, SDRC I-DEAS, MATLAB, and Mathematica. We can integrate and are flexible in working with most in-house design methodologies.

Fabrication Services

In partnership with a custom MEMS development facility we provide services to design & to prototype unique micromachined geometries, with strengths in these specific areas:

  • 3D modeling in SDRC I-DEAS & SolidWorks. Mask layout in AutoCAD & L-Edit. 
  • Generate proprietary process-flows and run-cards for fabrication of various micromachined geometries, piezoresistors, inductors, and capacitors.  
  • CMP, plasma deposition/etching, sputtering, lithography, electroplating, and wet chemistry using KOH, TMAH & HF. 
  • Novel micromachined 3D geometries.
With more than 40 combined years of experience in fabrication, we pride ourselves in being able to micromachine structures that many cannot. We look forward to your challenging needs. Photos of our work can be found here.

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