Raj K. Gupta, Ph.D.
Managing Director
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Dr. Gupta has been a founder, CTO, engineer, and consultant for more than fifteen companies. He brings over a decade of experience in sensor manufacturing, prototyping, design and micromachining and provides expertise from development to manufacturing to expert witness testimony. As a co-founder & engineering manager at InLight Communications, he invented their all-optical 3D micromechanical switch for fiber-optic switching networks. In 1997 he opened the Bay Area office for Coventor, formerly known as Microcosm Technologies, led their technical sales in the Western US and Asia, and initiated educational outreach programs with UC Berkeley and Stanford.

He has been with Volant since December 2001, where more recently his jobs have included the development of a client's first sub 1 PSI piezoresistive pressure sensor, modeling acoustical vibrations in piezopolymer (PVDF) microphones, fluid flow analysis in a micro fuel cell, and due diligence on a micromachined technology for improving the efficiency of concentrator photovoltaic systems.

Dr. Gupta is a graduate of the MIT electrical engineering doctorate and masters programs. His bachelors is from the University of Illinois at Urbana.


Adolfo Gutierrez, Ph.D.
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Dr. Gutierrez is a scientist, inventor, and serial entrepreneur versed in leading technology development and founding startups. His technical experience spans over a broad career in microelectronics, optoelectronics, and microelectromechanical systems. He founded Memstar Corporation (1999), Novatempo (2001), uBricks Research (2004), SEPARI (2005) and SG2030 (2009), securing over $2M in government and angel financing. He holds 6 US patents covering novel integrated microelectromechanical devices and wafer level characterization instruments. He is an inventor of the Force-Rebalanced Resonant Gate Transistor, a Hg Contact MEMS Vertical Power Switch, and MEMSPEC-2000, the first post-release wafer level automated characterization system.

He founded a non-profit research organization utilizing High Performance Computing (HPC) for in-line ellipsometry, 3D medical ultrasound for neonatal intensive care units, and synthesis of nano-copper anticorrosion coatings. He teaches courses on entrepreneurship, new product development and startup financing for MBA programs in Chile, Argentina and Brazil with emphasis in productization of micro/nano technologies and energy solutions.

Dr. Gutierrez holds degrees from the University of Chile and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Electrical Engineering (BSc EE, MSc EE (Communications), MSc EE (Optoelectronics), MSc Nuclear Engineering (Radiation Effects)) and PhD Engineering Physics (RadHard Micrelectronics).


Paul Eugene "Gene" Burk, Jr.
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Mr. Burk has been involved in the MEMS industry for over 40 years. He started his career at Honeywell SSEC in 1963 where he was one of the first members of the technical staff, and at Fairchild R&D from 1969 to 1971 where he contributed to ground-breaking work in piezoresistive sensors. In 1972 he co-founded IC Transducers and as VP of Engineering led the team that invented the Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor. Since then he has held senior management positions at ICT, IC Sensors, Sentir, Merit Medical, and Standard MEMS.

He has been with Volant since August 2009, where he is involved in development of a new PRT chip, and serves on the advisory board of MANCEF and advises several venture-backed MEMS companies.

Mr. Burk has a BA in Physics and Mathematics from University of Minnesota, and a MS in Clinical Psychology from San Jose State University.